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Keep On Blooming!

June has been glorious in 2022! The #gardentrick to keeping that going is

"dead-heading" - Awful word for a nifty task. Your plants are made to set

seeds. When they flower and make seeds - THEY ARE DONE! Job over, no more

work for them. Interrupting that cycle is what brings on wave after wave of the

color that you crave.

#ProvenWinner annuals need a special liquid fertilizer with high nitrogen

or one marked 20-20-20 on the label or #Bloombooster will do nicely.

Weekly feeding for container plants, and monthly for those in the ground will

perk things up regularly.

#Supertunias that cascade over your pots and walls are spectacular if you use this

method: Lift up those long skirts and cut 2 or 3 of the longest stems-- right up near the

soil level -- and remove them. Wait 2 weeks and do that again. You will 'fool' the plant

into thinking it hasn't made enough flowers and it will put out extra effort to BLOOM again.

Roses also like to be trimmed like that. Even #Kockout roses. They respond beautifully

to food and removing the old blossoms. I am a lazy gardener, so I use a hose end #miraclegro

feeder, and #fiskars plant shears to trim off the top layers of the roses. It only hurts for a few

days, then here they bloom again,

mjlent gardener

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